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Each week, we take a look at the biggest friends and foes of labor. We celebrate the workers winning big and small battles, and we shame the companies or people trying to deny working people their rights. Read more >>>

Good from Bad Water

Union members have been helping out Flint, Michigan, residents during its water crisis. Read the full article>>>


"Gene Moore Memorial"

In recognition of outstanding leadership in advancing the goals and ideals of Idaho's trades Union Movement.

The Gene Moore Memorial award is presented and announced every Labor Day, at the Labor Day Picnic.


The Boise Central Trades and Labor Council, AFL-CIO are made up of delegates from local Unions in the Treasure Valley area with incorporated counties; Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Payette, Valley and Washington.

The mission statement of the Boise CLC

The establishment of the Local Central Body as a subordinate unit of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of industrial Organizations is an expression of the desire of the Unions in this community to participate fully in the achievement of the objectives of the Parent Federation as it seeks to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the working people of America. read more.......

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